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The Glass Box platform makes it possible to develop your offering, market to investors, administer subscriptions, and even support a second market for your shares—all in a fraction of the time customarily required.

Below you will find a brief description as to how Glass Box supports each step within the offering process.


Gone is the old stodgy Private Placement Memorandum. The Glass Box platform will change the way you raise funds. Simply answer a series of detailed questions about your company and your objectives, upload relevant legal and financial documents, and let us handle the rest. We will construct a unique offering portal for your opportunity, with a complete set of individualized legal offering documents and a digital system to certify prospective investors. And if you want to make your offering truly come alive, our marketing partners can help you produce a cinema-quality introductory video to succinctly tell your story and highlight your management team.


Once your offering portal is constructed, your opportunity will be listed with Glass Box MKT and you will begin your “digital road show”--marketing to (1) prospects in your network, (2) prospects in the Glass Box network, and (3) prospects across the internet at large. With the helping hand of Glass Box’s digital marketing partners, you will be able to develop and host webinars, present at live and virtual venture conferences, and build out social media campaigns to drive qualified prospects to your portal.


After you have taken your offering to market, Glass Box will help you seamlessly manage the subscription process. Within your offering portal, Glass Box’s “Investor Certification” and “Subscription Tracker” functions will enable you to collect and review all of the legal and financial information that must be considered before admitting prospective investors. Further, your Subscription Tracker will make it easy to organize and maintain all of your subscription records for future reference. (You will likely find this feature to be invaluable in the event of a sale, restructuring, redemption, or audit.)


After you have completed your offering, you will be able to use Glass Box to apply for “Second Market Certification.” This certification will enable your company to convert its issued and outstanding shares into digital form—making your shares visible on your investors’ brokerage statements. Further, Second Market Certification will allow your investors to access up-to-date data on your company, should they wish to later resell or borrow against their positions via their own Glass Box “Second Market Portals.” Ultimately, Second Market Certification will make it easier for your investors to monetize their positions.


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